I’ve been looking for a blog I want to read, and can’t find anything.

All there seems to be on the internet is boring crap. I want to read something interesting, entertaining… I have no idea what these bloggers are talking about. You probably have to read their whole 6 year back catalogue of “I saw these shoes, they’re kind of nice… what do you guys think?” and strings of embedded videos and long tirades against having a cold and how they love owning a Mac to get to something decent. I’m bored. I want to read something funny. I don’t want to read some whiny indie shit. I don’t know how these people are successful, or how they make money. I’ve tried to read several “best” blogs, and nothing holds my attention long enough. Every time I hear or read about some blog that was hugely successful or really witty and funny, whatever may have been good about it is long gone. They’ve used up all their material if they ever had any, and now it’s just post after post about some musings on the way to meet a publisher and plugging some other bullshit blogger.

So, I’ve come across a handful of good websites over the years but there’s a serious problem with quality. It’s free, who cares, it’s just like a diary other people can perve on.

I’ve looked at the blogs of people who got rich from their online writing, and seriously it’s almost as boring as reading Anne Frank. Actually, Anne Frank was better, because it was a real diary, and she talked about masturbation and liking boys and she wasn’t some poser trying to pretend that every random musing they have is deep and poignant.

Fuck blogs.

And welcome to my blog.


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