Why do I have to confirm every decision I make?

I’m not averse to time wasting. I waste a lot of time. In fact I’m doing it right now, but that’s ok, because it’s on my terms. I’m not an efficient user of words either- I treat time and words like I treat recycling (with contempt). So I spend a lot of time and energy doing nothing, but that’s my own choice. What I don’t like is having my time wasted by computers and people, computers being here to serve me and not get in my grill and people… also. I don’t appreciate my computer or my mother or anyone nagging me to reconsider every decision I ever make. Why can’t I just be allowed make my own mistakes and learn from them? Why do I have to confirm every decision I ever make?

Computers are the worst. And people.

Computers- why is it that every time I press delete, I am asked by a fucking machine whether I’m entirely sure I want to do what I just asked it to do. No, I didn’t ask it. I told it to delete. And I didn’t even “shift-delete.” I told the computer, a machine supposed to make my life easier and reduce the amount of time doing pointless crap a machine can do, to send the file to the recycle bin. That’s an easily reversable action. This isn’t a situation where my poor keyboard control sends a much needed file to the point of no return. It’s just annoying. “Are you sure you want me to do what you told me to do?” The computer thinks I’m an idiot, and doesn’t trust my judgement. And that’s not even mentioning windows Vista and the ridiculous UAC.

Ok, I will mention. The honour code system used by windows Vista to determine whether a person logged into an administrator profile really has the right to run a program they downloaded. If I have the password to the admin profile, that should be enough. Oh right, windows wants me to also promise I really do have permission to run some software. Ok I promise. There, sorted. Well, that’s just offensive. It annoys the hell out of me, the only user of my laptop, to have to constantly confirm that I’m ok with running the program I just tried to run. If there was any benefit to my security, I’d understand. But I can’t imagine any situation where someone got past the password on my profile and then tried to run something only to be stopped by a pop up that sends them on a journey of introspection that finally forces them to realise it’s just not right installing shit without my permission, and decides to cancel the action.

Oh and while I’m on computers- how mad does it drive you when you start up some program that takes ages to start, and then you accidentally X out of it? Does that ever happen? Adobe Acrobat reader on a slightly old computer? Yeah. That’s the only case I have ever come across of accidental closing of necessary programs. so why is it that every shitty game, from solitaire to… not disclosing the sheer crappiness of the shitty games I actually play, has a “are you sure you want to quit” window before you can leave. Why? Why would I click quit if I didn’t want to? Again this is presumably some safety feature in place for people with gigantic lobster hands who can’t get much accuracy with a mouse, or people who just randomly click everywhere when they get frustrated… I don’t know. I can understand the “are you sure” window for anything with a loading bar. I don’t want to see that shit again. But mostly it’s just really annoying to have to redo all your decisions because some group of idiots had this problem and it was so bad they whined to microsoft about it until it got added. Or, maybe no one had this problem, microsoft just has no faith in its users. That’s probably it. So it’s another insult to our intelligence. Sorry, I mean my intelligence. I didn’t mean to lump us in together there.

What was I going to next? Oh, people.

I wish people had the sense to trust my decision not to have coffee, or whatever. I’m getting bored now so I’ll just leave it there. You get the picture. I make excellent decisions, don’t doubt me.


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