What site stats say about you

I was just looking at my site stats. While I’m pretty sure most of the hits on my blog are from spammers, I know there are one or two actual humans who come across this page for whatever reason. Today I clicked “site stats” and discovered something interesting about my readers.

The search terms used to reach me (so far) are just 3. I will list them, most hits to least.

1. old lady fucking

2. old ladys fucking

3. Guilt about not recycling.

While I commiserate with my fellow recycling guilt sufferers, I really don’t want to be the destination for people who type old lady fucking into google. I really don’t. That wasn’t a tag. There must be some higher ranking porn sites more relevant to that particular search. I don’t know…

Now it’s occuring to me that simply by writing this post I will attract even more of this unwanted traffic.

That’s ok- there really isn’t such thing as unwanted traffic. So here I am, giving the internet people more of what they obviously want. A post about old lady fucking. Kind of. Come on the massive influx of visitors! And sorry to disapoint you all.

Update: I realised it was actually not fucking old lady, it was old lady fucking.


3 responses to “What site stats say about you

  1. The idiots looking for no. 2 can’t even spell ladies?
    On the other side of the coin it may not be sexually intended. You know, like “Those fucking old ladys always smell like cabbage!”

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