Today I want to share a story from my childhood.

So one day when I was just a young schoolgirl, I was on the beach with my friends after school. We were walking in the wet sand, trying to avoid getting our uniforms all dirty with sand when we came across an octopus on the shore. Its tentacles were spread out wide on the rough sand, and we found a big thick stick nearby and with it we poked the octupus’s tentacles and head. It was covered in a slimy, wet goo and it was pretty gross. We wanted to take it home with us but none of our mothers would have been too pleased to have a dead octopus in the house. Eventually, my friend’s father came to pick us up and bought us ice cream before dropping each of us home. My mother was very angry with me because I had got ice cream on my school uniform and it was all sticky. She told me I had to go straight up to my room and get changed, or I would be severely punished.

Sorry, this didn’t actually happen to me, I’m just experimenting with search terms. Thought that might bring some interesting traffic. I’ll let you know what happens.

My apologies to the perverts for any inconvenience.


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