Just a thought

Wouldn’t people be nicer and less reckless in life, if they didn’t know about heaven?

Of course I don’t think there is a heaven of any kind, but I mean from a religious viewpoint.

I was thinking about milk teeth. You know when you’re a kid, and they tell you not to eat too many sweets and to brush your teeth regularly… but you know you’re getting a whole new set of second chance teeth anyway, so what does it matter?

I’m already seeing this isn’t too coherent a train of thought… but from my point of view, being pretty damn sure I’ll be dead when I’m dead, is a wonderful motivator for staying alive and making this life count. I don’t know why religious people who think they’re getting a new body and infinite bliss as soon as they pop their clogs even bother getting up in the morning. If they’re so convinced there’s a better life after this one, and all you have to do to get there is be humble and pious and not fuck your neighbours posessions, then why aren’t there more nuns and monks, cheerily subsisting on wafers and running into burning buildings to rescue children and risk their crappy earthly bodies?

Are they really convinced there’s a heaven? The other thing is, if god wanted people to be nice to each other, why advertise the “whatever you do, you’ll be forgiven” aspect of christianity? It just removes all motivation to be good in the first place.

This is why saying religion gives you morality is a fucking joke. Atheism gives you morality, because if you want there to be any point in being alive in the first place, you want to at least leave a decent reputation as a person behind when you go to the great compost heap in the ground. It’s just a thought.


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