Meet drop, the friendly….water!

I need to talk to some real people (spent all day listening with barely masked vitriol to customers bemoaning their “abnormally long” or “oddly something” feet…. listen, citizens of earth, you all have ugly feet. But they aren’t abnormal or special. Shoes are just hard to make in a universal size and shape. quit thinking your “high arches” make you a cobbler’s wet dream or something. They are feet. Shut the Fuck up now)…. going a little crazy here talking to myself. My company rocks though, so that’s ok. But look. I was trying to inform myself of at least one aspect of the shit that is going down in the world right now, I don’t read the news because it makes me afraid of being stabbed or nuclear-killed or something. So I was reading about the water referendum that’s up for votes here in Italy next month- Something about Nestle wanting to evil up the water with multinational greedy juice or whatnot. I got bored. I learnt nothing.

But look at this shit:

This is “Goccia” (drop/droplet) the friendly water drop. It (she?) features on the referendum hippie backlash website, in the “get kids active about shit” section. I’m sorry, I know water is uber important and I really could give a crap this time and it wouldn’t be some hippie bullshit, but this is too much. Look at the face. Look at the face and think of the person who drew this, and was paid to draw it. A graphic designer? An artist? Someone with eyes and motor function? What the fuck is going on?

What childless mouth breather thought this little sketch would get kids active against water privatisation? And….what the fuck is the point in getting kids active when  1. they are too young to vote now and 2. this referendum will be voted on in a month, leaving inspired kiddies feeling impotent and if/when it goes ahead, hopeless about their futures after having their little heads filled with anti-water privatisation talk?

Seriously people, more effort would be required for your shitty mascots if it wasn’t such a pointless exercise anyway. RANT OVER.


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