Hello, friend!

I will not write a big thing now. I finally threw out those old potatoes, and look who I found! The others are ugly and some turned to smelly dust when I picked them up, but this one’s cool. It reminds me of a sea creature that scuttles around the ocean floor looking for a bigger shell, crossed with a pig… crossed with a potato. I’m keeping it. I was just going to take a picture and throw it away, but now I feel like I’ve kind of bonded with this little fella. It’s kind of revolting, but I kind of love it and want to be its friend. It’s ok. Tomorrow I have been invited out for drinks. Don’t worry about me.


2 responses to “Hello, friend!

  1. I really think you should plant it and see what happens. A big pot by the window. It could be your room mate and someone to talk to and blame for all the dishes in the sink. It could also be a great line to use on men, “Would you like to come back to my place and see my potato plant?” I guarantee there will be a long line outside you door.

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