Things I kick as at when I’m drunk


I just remembered poker exists, and I’m listening to this album that always makes me feel validated in my 1990s ennui bullshitty fucking not entirely plugged into the rest of the humanosphere….. thing.

POKER TIME. Italy has really strict censorship laws about gambling online, you can’t access the piratebay or wikileaks or any gambling sites that don’t pay the ridick taxes to support the Italian version of the white house, also known as Underage Lapdancers motel. What was I getting at? Found some loophole… proxies no go… but before he bowed out of marital life, husband did me a solid and found me some way of getting the download of my poker software. Because I had like 7 dollars left on the account.

Tonight, a little drunk let me tell you.

But I’m bored… found my poker again. Stll got 8 dollars! Fucking A!

Ahhh no… always think am really good at poker when drunk. All in, motherfuckers! Feel the heat from my bluff sandwich, a sandwich that has been toasted… it’s hot. Okay? But teh are other drunk people and they are better at poker so they just don’t go for it. I lose. But I’m only playing the 2c/4c tables so before I gt bored by losing, I only lose like a dollar. then I will remember I am shit at poker and even more so when drunk, and then I will uninstall the program again and then remember it aagain in a month or so and not remember password and then remember it and think hey I should make a note of it this time and then fuck that, couldn’t be bothered… it’s not hard, I’ll remember the next time. I remembered this time.

But I’m bored. Want to play poker. Not good enough. And no one even talks. I want to talk to people so I can pretedd my internet connection is to blame for my timing out when I realised I mistook a heart for a diamon. they should be four different colours because this is seriosuyl tricky when you’ve had a few wines and lemon alcohol drink. Ooh neighbours outside drunk. Hot. Damn indiscriminate horniness is back. Stupid playing it cool sexting. It’s not fun.

Gonna go hang out washing out balcony in hot pants. Just chainging into hotpants and then sorted. Should have brought back the prostitute, even jsut for company. Maybe we would have become best friends and we could plait each others hair and talk about penises? And giggle.


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