Sextris, baby!

I don’t know why but I just remembered a game I played when I was a porn-starved young teenager, and I wanted to share this with you. Every now and then I remember some old game from my childhood, trawl the web looking for the name and download links.. download… install… play for two minutes and remember, yeah I’ve been spoilt with all this clear visual shit they make nowadays. And I don’t have the patience for rpgs really any more, even Fallout time is just time spent hoarding pocket lint and things. Anyway this game.. It’s shit, and I don’t know how the fuck I wound up thinking of it but it makes so much sense in an awesome way, just that it exists…. Why are we not playing this now with smooth modern 3d graphics and more creative positions? And why is there still no holodeck technology in my house?

Download link below… yeah you’ll get bored quickly, but it just kind of gives you a warm huglike feeling that all is right with the world because someone actually made sex tetris. Rule 34 before there even was a rule 34…. Reminds me of that rpg maker I downloaded years ago and made my own shitty little game where the entire purpose was to get into battles with other people with all the graphics and attacks replaced with sex. Oh I was a little weirdo.

Nostalgia man, it crops up in unexpected moments… also, I have “Brimful of Asha” stuck in my head and there is absolutely no fucking way I have heard that song in the last 6 years so how? What bizarre link to my day does that song have, that it could just emerge fresh from the recesses of my mind…. and push Love Shack out of the top spot?


What else? I’m fucking bored…… you could tell? How so?

Ack don’t want to go to sleep, feels like I barely seized the day at all today… tomorrow is gonna suck ass, and the next day, oh woah there bessie, no more of that talk. Back to youtube with you, young lady (is that the right word?)



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