Random makeup tip from a booze hound

I once did a brief course in makeup artistry. It was cool, but the teacher was always like, here MFO, you need to bring a model one day and learn to do makeup on other people. And I was like, yeah… I will. But I never did. She kept telling me I needed to learn another face type or I’d never get work as a makeup artist, and I was like… work as a what now? I just wanna make myself look pretty… So that was all I did really, and boy did I look pretty. But anyway I learnt a few cool things in that class and one of them I shall share with you because it’s awesome.

So you know when you have a powder eyeshadow or blusher and it breaks because you’re a sloppy mess of a human being and so it’s going to ruin the lining of your handbag and your phone will be all encrusted with shimmery shit but you don’t care? Well there’s a simple solution! You just pour a tiny amount of household alcohol (you know that 95% shit that’s worryingly at the back of the cupboard at every party and eventually will get mixed with fruit juice when the booze runs out?) onto the eyeshadow and with your finger tips or a cotton bud or whatever you like, mush it in and flatten it out so it’s like wet sand and there are no more flakey dry bits. And then you let it dry and the alcohol evaporates off and the next day your eyeshadow is good as new and portable and shit. Voila!

Oh and even better, I didn’t have any of that 95% shit because of said party and the dangerous fruit cocktails as the sun rose, so I tried it with vodka and it works fine too. Of course if you have both in your house I recommend drinking the vodka and using the rubbing alcohol on your makeup, if that’s an option. I really don’t recommend drinking that other shit it is quite dodgy.


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