Go on now, give us a twirl… oops careful not too fast, you’ll muss up those brain cells



Argh! Stupid stupid people. This doesn’t even shock me any more, I’ve seen too much stupidity… we all have. Enough. Enough of these people already. Why is anyone asking beauty queens about anything other than their favorite colour of nail polish anyway? It’s not like they’re getting into government or anything.. or maybe yeah isn’t Sarah Palin an ex beauty queen? Shit. Well whatever. Anyway the thing that really pissed me off here wasn’t the fact that most girls didn’t agree with evolution, or that they wanted to teach kids creationism in schools. That was expected. That wasn’t what pissed me off. It was the fact that each one of those ignorant christians seemed to consider evolution to be some kind of belief, or personal thing an atheist likes to have faith in. They all talked about it that way. You know, doing the whole “well whatever people want to believe, that’s cool” or “evolution is obviously very important to some people, so yeah that’s ok” but ignoring the whole issue of evolution being something you don’t believe in, you just take to be true because it ticks boxes and makes sense. People don’t love evolution fiercly, people won’t defend evolution if a scientist comes along next week and declares to have discovered that it was wrong all along, and presents a better theory with proof that makes sense… people believe evolution, they don’t believe IN it. And if a better theory comes along, I for one would be fucking overjoyed. Hooray! We know more stuff about things! YAY for humans!

Can we please get some program started where, if you don’t accept science and you want to pretend we’re all made of god dust and mighty man ribs, you don’t get access to health care? Because if science hadn’t questioned all of religion’s bullshit back in the day, and insisted and tried and tried harder, we would still be getting our blood removed when we have a fever, and dying of stupid illnesses, and no one would be allowed to cut open a dead guy to see what made him sick, and what could have cured him, because the church forbade that. Doctors today only know we have different insides than a pig because men of science stole bodies at great risk to themselves, and cut them open and now Miss Ignorant can go into a hospital and have all but her stupidity cured, and she can even get new tits if she so desires (and yes, she does) and fuck those bitches.

How dare they compare the story that god made people on a whim and in one day, to the observation and dilligence of Darwin and his successors.

Religious creation myths versus evolution is the same kind of battle as:

Homeopathy versus medicine that actually works  has ingredients besides water and sugar shows results in a lab.

Praying for your cat to come back to life versus the T virus actually making your cat come back to life but not how you wanted.

Having a dream about fathering a male child versus getting that ho you impregnated’s belly scanned, yo.

Holding a certain crystal in your hand (kinesiology) to determine your allergies to substances in the other hand, versus taking a fucking blood test.

Visualising a slimmer, more confident you, versus getting liposuction.

Throwing virgins into a volcano to bring rain for the crops, versus shooting the clouds with a machine invented by the Chinese.


4 responses to “Go on now, give us a twirl… oops careful not too fast, you’ll muss up those brain cells

    • because if you think you know everything about the world and your holy book isn’t going to get any updates, ever again, why would you bother with science at all? if you think your book has all the answers, you’re hardly going to go out and try to discover why and how things behave the way they do. stupid cunts

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