Why is sleep so much better in the morning…

Can’t sleep.

Stupid day off, did so little except from slop a few dresses into the suitcase and masturbate, I can’t sleep now. Not tired enough. Also, I got up at midday so… not tired enough.

Got up for some warm milk and honey and saw some very suspicious dudes hovering around the roadworks with a little red van with the back doors open.

I watched them for a while, wondering whether they were stealing wires or building supplies or checking a gas leak or what. Their red van has a biohazard sign on the back, but doesn’t look very official or anything. One of the guys has a hi-vis vest on, but they are more likely to be gypsies stealing wires or tubing or something than a crack response team making the area safe from radiation. I HOPE.

Anyway my bike is secured on the other side of the building so I don’t care what they’re up to. It’s weird though because they’re taking their sweet time and there’s even a metal briefcase they opened on the bonnet of the van and took something out… geiger counter? bomb disarming equipment? Drugs? Money?

They’re too laid back about it though. Ok I really want to know…

But I also want to drink my milk and watch some shit I downloaded earlier but thought better watch tomorrow because it’s late and I need my beauty sleep but noooooooo I can’t sleep now, can I?

Ok the men are still out there and one of them is down in the hole the diggers have been making in the side of the road every week day.

I don’t get it, it’s Sunday night/monday morning at 3am.

Italians don’t work overtime.

There’s no such thing as overtime.

Italians get like a 3 hour lunch break in the middle of the day.

They don’t work on Sundays.

There is no way they are working right now.


I need to know. I want to go down there casually, bring out my bins which I need to do anyway, but it’s not exactly subtle and if they are Ukranian drug lords on a secret deal or gypsies stealing tubes or something, I might get knifed or shot or hit in the face with a tube.


Maybe they are builders and one of them lost his watch down the hole and was going to come and look for it tomorrow but found out he’s off the job, so he wants to come look for it before the other guys show up this morning.

And his friend came with him because he owes him one because the other guy picked him up at the airport recently.

OR maybe they are planting fake archaeological evicence because they are protesting the road works and if they find some old coins the work might have to stop while the site is examined.

Or maybe there’s a poisonous gas flooding the neighbourhood..

Or maybe they are gypsies stealing shit and they are all relaxed and nonchalant about it because that way no one will be suspicious and also, they’re not afraid of the police anyway.

This is driving me crazy. Crazy and sleepy? No, unfortunately not.

Ohhhh have so much shit to do tomorrow, need sleep..

Not tired.



Going to take one last look at the mystery guys and go try sleep again.

Sorry about all this.



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