Pickin’ at a spot on my face, watchin’ the tide roll away

So today my work computer, just when I was really getting into the day’s stumbling, decides to die.

Ok, so it’s my oldest laptop.

I have three.

The old one, back from the wonderful time when computers had that squarer aspect ratio, and everything wasn’t so gosh darned widescreen. I fucking hate widescreen. Don’t tell me it’s better or makes more sense… ah to be honest I’ve gotten used to the new format. But anyway. Fuck widescreen.

So that’s my old computer, and I brought it in to work so I could use my second computer on my holidays. Second computer is a shitty vaio that I hated so I bought a new beast of a machine but since using vaio on holidays, realised it’s actually a pretty damn good piece of electronics, and I didn’t need the new one. But anyway. Also I feel kind of guilty writing bad stuff about the vaio while I type this ON the vaio. I feel like I’m being unloyal… Too much time spent with computers, I have more empathy for them than animals. Not good.

Anyway, today the oldest computer decides to shut itself off and despite revving her up a few times, I know she’s dead.

We had a good run, before I decided I deserved and should spend my now sorely missed moneys on new computers SOLELY TO PLAY FALLOUT.

So I was a bit sore about that. Although, good came of it: Being undistracted for the afternoon meant I sold a shitload of clothes.

Awkward moment when I realised why I didn’t sell anything yesterday: Fucking stumbleupon, man.

So then next stop was the bank. Finished work and headed off… but my spots, man I can’t keep makeup on in this heat. Slathering beige gunk on my spots lasts five minutes and then the tip of the spot is red and in sight again, and the makeup just further clogs the pores and pools around the inflamed area and draws attention to the damn thing.

I went to the bank because I don’t actually know how much money I have in the world.

Holidays were rough on my finances, I knew that… but damn I had no fucking IDEA how rough exactly.

On the way back from London, I wasn’t sure if I even had enough money left in my account to pay for the bus home from the airport, and I still bought expensive eyeshadows in the airport.

It’s times like this I realise, there is actually no way I will ever sort myself out. I am ridiculous. I am… an incorrigible woman.

Ohhhh I wish I just had some restraint. I do try, sometimes. but what the fuck is wrong with me? I don’t need fucking eyeshadows. I didn’t need that roll on caffeine thing for under the eyes. I KNOW caffeine is too big a particle or whatever to even absorb into your skin, and I still bought it. I am a  MORON.

So I went to the bank, fairly sure I had anything between 0 and 1000 euro left.

I sat in the waiting area with the sinking feeling, the stupid stupid stupid why do you keep shopping feeling in the pit of my stomach. The fat bastard being served by the only bank employee was taking for fucking ever.

I was sweating profusely.

My whole month of spending flashed before my eyes, one poor exercise in judgement after another. Face palm.

I began picking at my spots.

One spot, on being casually uncapped, began to spurt a relentless stream of blood. Ack… damn. Tried to quell the flow with my sleeve. Ahhh so much blood…. such a little spot. This is the forehead one by the way. The bindi.

It won’t stop bleeding.

I’m trying to press my finger down on top to stop the blood but at any moment, the cashier will be free and I’ll have to go face to face with my tiny, ferociously streaming headwound like I’ve been hit by a sniper.

I lick my finger and furiously try to stop the blood.

Oh man oh man this is so shitty, it won’t stop.

It’s slowed but still bleeding by the time it’s my turn.

I get my account balance and feel like I actually have taken a gunshot.

I thank the disgusted bank employee weakly and stumble out into the sun, sweaty, pasty, anaemic… like a high school yearbook photo of myself.

And I get on the tram, and run the figure that is left in my account over in my mind.

300 euro…

300 euro…

3…. hundred… euro.


Total of the bills I need to pay this month:


Total of the mortgage I have to pay before the end of the month:


Moment when I realised that the value of the new clothes, shoes and makeup I was wearing, right then, is more than I will be able to spend on food this month:


FUCK MASTERCARD, this is why I have no fucking money.

I was going to cry at the end for emphasis, but I’m too pissed off with myself to cry.

I only cry when I feel hard done by, or someone shouts at me, or I’m drunk, or something.

Right now, I’m just very very angry with myself.


I really want to be good, why can’t I be good?

Why is my inner moron so fucking good at convincing me to do shit?

I didn’t drink the wine, and I haven’t eaten much today (because I can’t afford to eat…sorry I’m just being dramatic. I can afford to eat.)

So…. why the fuck doesn’t THAT self restraint manifest itself in the world of shopping?

Ugh ok new leaf.

New leaf, right now.


1. Stop buying shit.

2. no more drinking unless it’s absolutely cheap and necessary to socialise.

3. stop giving a crap about how you and other people look, because honestly no one gives a shit, and plus you’re covered in spots so this week, let’s just write off as an ugly week. BUT do not buy clothes because they will not make you any better looking. You have lots of nice clothes. Clothes will not complete you. Neither will new makeup. Shoes, yeah they kind of do complete you but you have enough for the moment. You are allowed buy one new pair of shoes next month and that is it until December when you are allowed buy ONE more pair. And then in the sales yeah ok fair enough go crazy.

4. Eating is restricted to times when you are actually hungry. Get back on those pills right now. There is no point in being fat and broke, that’s just going to make you depressed and drive you back to the shops to buy clothes that hide your disgusting belly.

5. Do up a budget. Work more hours.

6. Get legs waxed. There is no point being hairy and broke, that will just make you depressed and you’ll end up spending a fortune which you don’t have on tights to cover your hairy faun legs. That’s just bad economics. Tights are expensive.

7. Stop buying shit. Shred the Ikea catalogue immediately.

8. Actually seriously stop buying shit.

9. Don’t carry your cards around with you. You never remember the supermarket payments. 20 euro here, 30 there… drinks.. you took the card to a bar in London, you complete and other moron.

10. Ten is a nice round number.



I don’t know exactly how I managed to go so far the opposite way of what I intended, but I didn’t even realise…

and then suddenly it’s like,

my prepaid card was declined on the Ann Summers website,

and I’m like what the fuck?

I mean I knew what I was doing obviously, but it didn’t register as being a thing that I had JUST resolved not to do any more, and here I am with a cart full of a vibrator, a load of stockings I will never get a chance to wear and a bunch of “myster bras” because you have to spend 35 pounds or more to get free shipping, so it would have been a waste to get just the vibrator, which is all I actually wanted.

But I tried looking for them here in Italy and woah they cost too much.

Rip off.

But what the fuck? What is wrong with me? How did I not think online shopping was something I shouldn’t do? Sorry for the double negative… meh.

Thankfully I don’t HAVE any fucking money so the sale didn’t go through.

This time.


6 responses to “Pickin’ at a spot on my face, watchin’ the tide roll away

  1. OMG. WTF. This is by far the the most entertaining post I’ve read from you. That probably doesn’t make you feel any better BUT for what its worth….I had a happy laugh moment…not the “omg she’s worse than me” but a genuine funny “omg she is too funny” moment. I mean come on! The gunshot on your forehead? The “fucking stumbleupon”? The roll on caffeine? And the no need to be hairy and broke bit….Genius! Ok, back to what I wanted to first type before I ROFL, money is money…it’ll come and go and you’ll get more somehow.
    oh, and your list is awesome, no doubt.

    • Ahhhh.. Laughing at my self induced hardships is the only thing keeping me from accepting that they are actually real life and getting all depressed… Thanks for laughing with me, it actually does make me feel a bit better! Ah money, I wish I had some more but I’d just spend it… I’ll get some more, I know… and I’ll spend it. How do people go around all day, not buying things they want?

    • Nice,I tend to go for chickpeas, kidney beans… I’ll give those green beans a try next time! I love ordering online except I live across from the post office but if they deliver while I’m at work, I have to get 2 buses and the morning off work to go pick up my stuff at the other post office, because my local post office doesn’t accept parcels. So that sucks. Or I could just get up really early, but.. it never works out for me.

  2. MFO it’s about time you just send me all your credit cards and let me control your spending. This is getting a level 10 in ridonkculous. I’ll send you ramen noodles (cheap, no calories), buy you razors (no more waxing for you), and punch you in the baby maker whenever you feel like you’re about to cry.

    … I think obvious choice is obvious. GIVE ME YOUR NO MONIES!

    • Yeah!! I love ramen noodles, they are part of my special diet already. Only problem is I can’t go back to shaving. Who shaves? Shaving is the worst, I’d have to do it every day and I’d only get a few hours of smoothness plus it’s time consuming and I don’t even have time to brush my hair most mornings what with the sleeping in and generally knocking one out before work.

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