A Happy interlude about my dinner!

Holy Bowly,

that was some kick-ass soup.

I won’t say it was the best soup anyone has ever had anywhere, because that would just alienate everyone. It was damn good soup though. I’m biased in my soup preferences because my mum makes soup like this and if you have had the surplus time lying around to read a few thousand words on how I wish my mum was here in Italy to make soup for me, then you would know…. that I wish my mum was here to make soup for me.

Not any more I don’t!

That soup I made just blew my mind.

I legged it all snotty and revolting to make it to the supermarket before it closed. I bought vegetables and cereals and grains and rye bread and butter and some honey and lemon and I got home and put on my soup and about half an hour later, hey motherfucking presto, the soup is served.

I ate a small bowl and now I’ve got the soup sweats. I don’t feel GOOD yet, but the soup sweats have got to be followed by recovery. I feel nourished though, mega nourished. And full, and I’m comfy in my bed with my hot lemon and honey paracetamol drink.

My soup’s ingredients: I’m only mentioning them because this is the most complete a soup I have ever made, I got fresh veg and normally I just throw in a bag of frozen pre-cut vegetables. So I am very proud of this one. Except it took like five minutes to stick everything in the pot, so I have to stop being lazy and using frozen veg next time. Anyway, enjoying vegetables this much makes me feel like a responsible adult.

Onion, Potato, Leek, Celery, Carrot, Red Pepper, Corn, Sweet Potato, Squash, Courgette, Garlic, Green Beans, quick cooking dried grains (barley, split peas, yellow lentils) and a little bit of salami chopped up because that’s how I roll. I was a little worried the salami was a bad idea but it was actually lovely. Also I used some powdered veggie stock but I found a nice one that doesn’t have msg in it so that makes me feel all smug and like I’m making healthy choices. I like miso in soup otherwise but I had to throw out the miso when I went on holiday and I haven’t got around to visiting the Asian shop.

Into this chunky goodness I dunked buttered rye bread with sunflower seeds. I feel like calling up my mum and telling her how many vegetables I just enjoyed, and how I have more soup for tomorrow’s lunch and dinner left too, because I made WAY too much. And she always likes to hear about this sort of shit. She’s the only person in the world besides my self that will actually be proud of me and feel like it’s an accomplishment to eat some vegetables.

Anyway. I had to share my joy with you because if I don’t blog about my soup, all you’re ever gonna hear from me is blah blah blah I don’t fit in properly, blah blah blah divorce isn’t as sweet a ride as I thought it would be, blah blah need to get laid but am horribly insecure and paranoid.

So here you have it, a happy interlude.

I made some SOUP! YAY!


4 responses to “A Happy interlude about my dinner!

  1. The best comfort food… awesome.
    I use the bagged stuff too but now you’ve inspired me.
    Do you ever use the Knorr natural soup bases in the tetra packs? They are pretty decent as well.
    feel better soon! xo

  2. I love making soup too! Your sounds delish and filling as well. good for the sould indeed :)

    I have a recipe that I call Val’s sickie soup. Here it is for you:
    (the only problem is that when you’re super sick it’s probably more work than you want but the results are so fantastic and worth it!)

    I take two bone-in chicken breasts and quickly brown them in a bit of oil in a large pot.
    Add 8 cups of any kind of stock (Cakes mentioned Knorrs in the tetras. Those are good)

    Add in:
    -one whole bulb of garlic (peeled and left whole)
    -1/2 cup of dry brown rice
    -2 or 3 peeled and halved lemons
    -one thumbs worth of peeled fresh ginger root choped up in chunks (to be removed later)

    simmer everything for about half hour then remove the lemons, ginger and the chicken from the pot, take meat off bones and put diced meat back into pot. Make sure you simmer from the start for a total time of an hour to make sure the rice gets cooked.

    It makes a TON of soup and if you don’t eat it all it freezes well too.

    If you want the snot to go then I would add some cayenne pepper to your bowl before serving. Just one dash though….it’s HOT!
    Take er easy and thanks for the motivation to write. x

    • Thanks that sounds lovely! Yes a bit more hassle than my just throw all this stuff in a pot but I’ll give it a go when I’m feeling brave enough to face the supermarket again. Mmm I could do with some ginger, it’s kind of hard to find over here… Anyway I have so much soup (I couldn’t bear to use the big pot but not fill it) I will be eating soup today when I get home from work and then for dinner too. I wonder can you freeze soup if it has beans in it? Probably not eh. Also, speaking of beans… I am hideously gassy today. It’s not pleasant, I keep having to run upstairs and pretend I’m looking for shoes for customers so I can discretely let one out alone. Urgh. I think it’s also cause I’m sick.

  3. I am so gassy too oh my god but then again I did have sushi at a work related dinner training along with some skookum probiotics that they were showing us that apparently work just like they claim! Pee ewe! Lmao.
    Freezing beans? Heck ya. I have done it a few times. beans tend to make peeps less gassy if they are soaked before cooking but sometimes they still make me pop. Ok bedtime for me. Nigh nite

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