3 responses to “That’s it, I QUIT!

  1. Ok I was all comfy in my hot bath reading emails and then strolling to your blog post (which comes to me updated via email thank you very much) and after reading it I leaped out of my hot sublime bathiness JUST to send you this message: YOU ROCK! Seriously…and I am not just saying that. If more people that I meet were as raw and real as you, this world would be a better place all round.
    Honestly I am actually sick of the falseness of humanity and how people are all “perfect” and shit. BULL! Nobody is perfect and anyone who claims to have it all together even into their 50’s has got a marble loose. I would rather be friends with people who are falling apart and honest about it than the opposite. So kudos to you for being cool, and more human than most humans.

    So happy to be a voyeur and to have stumbled into your world in blog land. :)

    When it comes to smoking and quitting smoking, the fact that you are at least trying is awesome. If nothing at all be proud of yourself for trying. I used to smoke and honestly I still crave it and when my girlfriend comes over I have had the occasional one….I have no issue quitting tobacco. My vice is fricking potato chips. All deep fried and yummy. I was gnawing on a bowl of those with a gin and tonic while in my tub just now….

    Hugs to you lovely lady. :)

    • Wow, that was a really lovely message to come home to last night! I was out with some mega-phoney Italians and I behaved myself, I only had 3 beers so I didn’t say or do anything stupid… but the company was about as much fun as filling out a census form (I thought the census form would be fun to fill out, it’s actually not fun at all) and then I came home triumphant that I didn’t smoke and I didn’t even feel like I really wanted to smoke, but feeling a little deflated about the fact that Italians are SO not into me, and I’m so not into them… but anyway you cheered me up before I settled into my lovely bed for a lovely 4 hours sleep. I feel honoured to have interrupted a bath before the water got cold, and you had booze and snacks too… : ) Hugs right back at ya!

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