Spoiler: I cheer up somewhat at the end of it : )

What goes up must come down.

This time I am not suffering from internal loop the loops of emotion.

My state of mind was GOOD. I was feeling empowered and awesome.

I had a meeting with foreskin-face (the artist formerly known as husband) and my lawyer.

I skipped to my meeting all confident and wearing no makeup for the first time in months, not smoking… man I was so innocent and happy.

I met husband outside the lawyer’s. He leant in to kiss my cheek. We exchanged words. Friendly friendly friendly. He mentioned that he was out last night with Hank Scorpio. Ugh. Anyway we went into the lawyer’s office all friendly and conversing and I thought hey I’m being the bigger man here, I am seething at the audacity of this scumbag owing me money for bills and hanging out partying with Scorpio and unknown girls and stuff, and I’m being all friendly.

We sit down. Lawyer starts reading through some papers just to make sure we have everything in order for our legal separation hearing in court on Friday.

Foreskin-face nods, says nothing.

I ask him something.

He nods, smiles… then nonchalantly mentions that he has no intention of coming to court on Friday.

My head spins. It’s still spinning.


He doesn’t want to go. He thinks I made him suffer by breaking up with him and by being like, yeah we can’t work together any more, so you need to start looking for another job. (I GAVE HIM HIS JOB, HE WORKED WITH ME RUNNING THE SHOP!) I didn’t throw him out, I just said that obviously splitting up we couldn’t stay working together, it wasn’t going to be good for either of us.

He said, I made him have a shit time, so now he is going to make me suffer. By not giving me my separation.

He looked so smug. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I have waited 8 months for this separation date. I have been waiting desperate to get the paperwork done, so I can start my new less naive life without him in it.

Now he won’t show on Friday, so that means it’s no longer a consensual separation. Now I will have to start the process of requesting a separation all over again and we will both need lawyers, and it will DRAG THE FUCK ON.

He sat there, shrugging like he didn’t give a shit.

I explained to his numb skull that if he signs this shit on Friday, he doesn’t need a lawyer, my dad will be willing to wait 3 more years before putting the apartment in his name (it’s complicated, but my dad has a signed affidavit or something that gives him power to take control of the property as the guarantor for the mortgage) and that way husband won’t be liable for the few thousand euros of fines he would have to pay for giving up the apartment within five years of buying it.

If cock features doesn’t show up on Friday, he will need to pay a lawyer. He will be dragged through all this unhealthy bullshit litigation, he can’t hope to gain anything because he has no right to anything. I could, if I were an asshole, ask my lawyer to charge my husband maintenance and the mortgage payments. but I am not that kind of person. Also, my dad will be fucking furious with his scumbag son in law, so he will use his affidavit immediately, meaning husband will be fined a shitload of money for giving up his property.

I told him this, he shrugged.

I burst into tears. My dreams of a stripper-filled bachelorette-again party went up in smoke.

I warbled at this smug stranger sitting next to me,

“I married you because I loved you, and so that you could have the same rights as me in Europe. I did that for you. Why would you do this to me now? I haven’t done anything to you.”

He gave me some nonsensical answers about how he had nothing against me, it was my dad that was “whispering things in my ears, like how to screw him over” and that he “wanted to get his revenge because he did all this ceramic tiling on the balconies and all I made was a fucking curtain for the bedroom” and that “he was left on the street and now I should suffer too”

I’m completely baffled. He seems to have lost it completely. I’m a little scared, but mostly miserable and dejected and feel like my whole world has crumbled underneath me again. If he wanted money or something I’d understand, it would make some kind of sense.. this general whining about tiles on the balcony, what the fuck?

I thought I was nearly free.

Now it all starts again, and this time with a spiteful horrible asshole setting out to make things hard for me.

He doesn’t know how I have suffered too.

He has all his friends, I have one friend now after 9 months alone crying and beating myself up about things. He has friends and they are good friends too. I have one friend and we’ve only become close in the last once or twice we have gone out together. He thinks I’ve got it all, I have a whole lot of shit. But he’s clever too because I was building myself up and I was doing well, even without a whole lot of anything solid, I was feeling good about myself.

And then he goes and with one devastating blow, he’s got me right back to his level. Or maybe not, because I haven’t smoked or wanted to. And if I don’t smoke now when I feel like shit’s ugly cousin, I’m fairly confident I’m not smoking any more. And I had a chocolate milk but that’s ok, it’s just a little one it’s not going to make me fat. So I have made some headway that isn’t going to evaporate just because pubeface plays his ONE usable card.

What a cunt though.

The thing that makes me feel tiny, absolutely worthless, is that… I can improve my self and my situation, but until I finish this litigation business and get that document that says I’m free, I’m still The Wife of the most petty, vindictive and heartless bastard I have ever met. I’ve had flatmates who stole my money, I’ve had friends who’ve stolen the guy I liked. I’ve had co workers who ratted me out to the boss for my slutty clothing. But I have never crossed paths with a truly awful person before. I know desperate times can make people do bad things that are out of character, but I don’t care. I can’t possibly condone or forgive anyone, ever, for inflicting pain on another person ON PURPOSE.

If he stood to gain from hurting me, then I can understand it although i would hurt the same.

But he doesn’t. In fact it will cost him money and energy and sanity to pursue this petty vendetta.

But he’s doing it anyway just to hurt me. He admitted this in his own words in front of my lawyer, who was incredulous. She asked him a few questions as to what he hoped to achieve. He had nothing answers like “I dunno” and “whatever”. He just wants to make us pay, he says, and “us” is me and my dad because yes when I left him my dad tried to get me to protect myself from potential dickery like this, so he insisted on a lawyer and stuff. I was always honest and open with husband, and I never did anything to try cheat him out of money.

I hurt him because I broke up with him, I broke his heart and I broke mine too. We had a sweet, loving relationship but if you scraped away at it, at the core we were two different people with different ways of seeing things.

When he proposed to me he told me he loved me for the way I had of looking at the world. He said he had never met anyone like me, not at all… he said it was so wonderful how I saw things, he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life.

I never said that back to him. I always felt that how he saw things was a little bit skewed and wrong. I shouldn’t have married someone who had a different lens, but I didn’t think I’d come across another fisheye like myself so I made do with someone who at least appreciated my way of seeing, even if he couldn’t see that way himself.

I spent a lot of time and energy trying to broaden his mind in arguments. I stretched my head to fit his point of view too, and even if I didn’t like it, I would try see where he was coming from. I can see where he’s coming from now, and it’s not some innocent point of view that differs from mine. It’s a desperate, small man’s pathetic last scrap of power over someone. He used to have me in his power, because I loved him, he had power over me. I lived to make him happier. I sang to him. I have a terrible flat voice but I sang to him and I used to laugh like a dolphin for him because it made him smile. He would ask me to do it. He’s say, “come on please, laugh like a dolphin,” and I’d open and close my jaw while tilting my head back and smiling. He loved that.

And now all he can make me do is feel like shit, and cry, and hate him.


For the first time in my life I really don’t feel empathy for someone.

He’s a dick.

Everything he lost, he lost himself, through his own fault.

I was 21 when we got married. I tried my very very best to make him happy and he got lazy and he didn’t try to make me happy or excited. When our sex life went stale I dressed up for him and he made me feel like a fool.

I used to wake up at night and cry because I had a nightmare that he died.

I can’t imagine anything that would improve my life more than if he did die. That’s awful, but if we each got one free hit, to use as we please, I’d use it now.

I’d probably be foolish to waste my free hit so young, but man… anyway if we each got a free hit he’d probably use it on me. I don’t know.

Ugh I don’t even want him to die, I just want this person he has turned out to be, to not be part of my life. I accepted the guy I knew and loved as my husband. That guy wouldn’t do this shit. But hey it’s the same person, I just didn’t pay attention before. I never saw this side to him because before we were on the same team. Now I’m the enemy. I will not make that mistake again. It’s not just how they treat the waiter you should watch out for- it’s whether or not they will kick someone when they’re already down.

I was just naive. I still am naive. Oh it’s so awful, I just want to move to England and I can’t. I’m stuck here and I have a husband and he’s a horrible nasty human being. And I wasted 3 years of my life, and 3 years of enthusiasm and bright eyes and hope and unrestrained love and joy on a piece of shit person who is probably capable of being such a dick because he’s realised he was extremely lucky and he blew it by being ungrateful.

I will never be that girl with anyone else. I mean I can’t know that. Maybe I will be that girl again but I feel like I don’t want to be, but also that that girl was the nicest freshest version of me that I’ll ever get to be. I might be being drammatic here but fuck my head is all over the place, I feel like I’ve been crossing off the days in my cell for months and now I’ve just been told with a week to go in solitary confinement, oops no you have months and months left to go. And fuck you, by the way.

I’m sorry to be going on all mopey here, I didn’t want to seesaw all over the place, I wanted to stay all happy and optimistic  but really this blog is just me dealing with my divorce in all the corners of my life. Today is the unexpected shitstorm. I was happy this morning. I’ll be happy again soon, probably. But today is shit.

I cried on the bus home from work. All the way, it was really embarassing. I didn’t really care though, I was just aware of the embarassment. I talked to my mum on the phone and I gave myself a monster headache. I had a hot lemon paracetamol drink and tried to call all my friends.

No one home. Oh well.

Lucky I have my rant-vent place right here.

: )

It’s a tough day. Sorry to drag you along on this rollercoaster. You know I’ll be back up soon…



I just had a quick chat with one of my bestest buddies in the world.

She told me a couple of obvious, brilliant, simple things…

Lifted my spirits so I’m actually pretty ok.

I mean I’ve stopped bawling my eyes out, so that’s good.


7 responses to “Spoiler: I cheer up somewhat at the end of it : )

    I’m really sorry. When people do bad shit – (altho I’m a nice person) I usually think about Karma and hope it will figuratively take a huge chunk out of their ass (or all their hair falls out and they stay alone forever – for now i wish this on my ex, and he’s up to a smashing start).
    Seriously, you have good things going for you… you’re still YOUNG (OMG so much time!!!) and you can do what ever the fuck you want (just maybe not re-marry so soon), take the bull by the horns! Don’t look at it like you are an effect. Ya you’ve got bad shit, but the worst is probably over with for you. You’re smarter, tougher now. This guy is an idiot (and will realise it), so stop caring. Don’t let him live rent-free in your head. Let it drag if it must, or make HIM pay if u want. Go listen to some kick-ass great music that makes you happy and have a cup of tea. I had a shrink for ages cause it was free in my country, but I wish I would have had this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5nVqeVhgQE could have saved me a lot of wasted time. :P

    • Ahhh thanks. I have had a few good phone calls since I wrote that, with my dad and my mum and my friend. It’s just such a shock after feeling like I was nearly there… I don’t even really wish for something bad to happen to my ex. If he was to do badly in life, I’d just feel bad… I’m not a hugely nice person, I do hate people indiscriminately, but all I want is for him to bow out of my life with some dignity instead of dragging it out. But yes I watched Will Smith do his thing, it’s good advice… I felt so totally capable this morning, I was on top of the world. Then stupid husband yanked me back to heel. I bounce back though.. after a good vent! Anyway I’ve done my crying, you’re right and my friend in London was right and my parents were right. I just really really wish I’d never got married it feels like this really bizzare mistake someone else made and that I’m paying for. Why did I get married? And to THAT guy? I’m just not going to try get revenge. I’m going to remain firmly in the right. I’m going to throw out all his shit he left in the basement. I deleted him and his family from facebook. I threw the plastic bride and groom from our wedding cake in the bin. I’ll be fine : )


  2. Oh man I feel your pain! You must be so frustrated. I can sort of relate but not really. I secretly had a ‘hate’ word for my ex although, like yourself, I too never really hated him. But I did, sort of. Mostly hated the bitter, angry person he became. When he got really lame I would call him Fucktard in my head. This is a mean mean word and TOTALLY not acceptable but it made me fell a whole lot better.
    I once had a friend give me a piece of advice and I don’t know if this can pertain to your situation. It depends on you (and I totally agree with Cakes McCains view too). Here’s the advice:
    When someone does you wrong, blow them a kiss. When someone is mean to you, blow them a kiss.
    I guess it’s like a bully. They do you harm with the hopes of riling you up. It looks like he has been successful but try not to let him. Blow him a kiss then give him the invisible middle finger in your head. I have done it a zillion times and it works and makes me feel better all at the same time.
    I am glad you aren’t totally alone and have family to call and stuff and it looks like you have friends in me and Cakes too. Hugs and squeezes to you. xx

    • Ahhh yes… I swear a lot all the time so it’s hard to escalate when I really need a good word.Nothing packs enough punch! I’m feeling better all right.. although it’s kinda like I thought my ex was this lovely big wooden horse and so I took him into my life and was nice to him and now today all these nasty soldiers started spilling out and burning my shit. And I see it never was a nice horse at all, it was just a nice soldier-container and I feel like a tool. Unforch, instead of blowing a kiss I burst into tears and blubbed in the lawyer’s office in front of husband… He’s a dick. But then, it seems like he’s already played his most impressive hand he’ll ever get, he’s used up the element of surprise so that’s as smooth as he’s going to get. I have a proper lawyer my dad paid for. I’m going to sick my lawyer on him. then we’ll see who cries like a girl. Anyway. I’m resilient and I have lots of lovely people telling me sensible things and being supportive so I’m good. Thank you for being one of them, it means a lot, it’s like I have that harry potter diary that voldemort writes back to ginny in. Like I write my diary and it writes back to me, except you guys give me good advice and dont tell me to write things on the walls in chicken blood. (so far) Happy saturday night…

      • haha! Well I am glad you are finding at least a bit o’ peace in all of it. That’s all we can hope from life really is a bit of peace. Although I imagine you would like to take a ‘piece’ of your ex and squash it. lol
        Glad to be there and thanks for being a part of my blog too. It makes it all worth while and also it’s just plain old awesome to make a writing friend. xx Happy eve to you too!

  3. *lowers guard*
    Ahhh come here Miss MFO. My favorite girl in the whole wide world. It’s going to be okay. Shit like this happens to people and all we can do is take charge of our lives and deal with it the best we can. You’re a great girl, and you knew in your heart that this relationship wasn’t going to work out. It was the best thing you could have done. Just think 10 years from now and you were still married to this jackoff, how miserable you would be then?

    Ahhh I just want to give you a hug and tell you everything is going to be okay. I’ve now decided that I’m going to marry you one day.

    *lifts guard*
    So if you ever want this asshole to “disappear,” all you have to do is pay for my plane ticket, and delicious Italian food while I’m over there. I may prolong my stay, and gain 80 lbs. But the scumbag will eventually vanish. SO SWEARS THE ODINSON.

    • Demigod hugs are the best! Except woah dude your phone’s digging into… oh I see… meh I’ll allow it. Listen about the marriage thing, I’ve learned my lesson. (Why does EVERYONE want to marry me? Is it my kick ass soup making skillz?) Well I don’t care, no more weddings. I’m off them. I’m so happy I dumped his lame ass, it’s just you know, emotions ‘n shit… I’m easily seduced by emotions. And men. And women. Anyway I’m super happy today. Maybe I will ignore the customers and tell you all about it. Yes I think so. Peace, homes

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