Very nearly had a new funny anecdote!


Ok so I wrote an edited version of my little message I published recently, basically saying sorry for being rude, also, yeah no that’s not going to happen, hope it’s not awkard now, etc.

So I hope that is understood as it is supposed to be.

Anyway just as I was about to send:

I very narrowly averted sending an extremely conflicting message.

You see I had copied and pasted my message into facebook.

But before that, I had been downloading porn. And I use jdownloader, so jdownloader reads links I copy to my clipboard and downloads them for me. So I had copied and pasted a porn link.

And when I pasted into facebook, the most recent clipboard item was a porn link. So I went, hee hee and deleted the link, then copied my message and pasted it into the message body.

And as I was just about to send, I noticed that below my message, the video was still embedded!  The porn video! AAAARRRGH!

Imagine. I very nearly sent a guy I recently got down and dirty with, a message saying “yeah well about what happened, just to be clear, it’s not going to happen again, by the way please don’t tell anyone” with an embedded hardcore porn video.

What the fuck would that have meant? And how could I have explained myself “please disregard the embedded porn I sent, I somehow attached it to my message by mistake!”

Yeah believable.

Anyway crisis averted, baby!

That was all I needed….


9 responses to “Very nearly had a new funny anecdote!

    • Yeah well that would be the plan! Although no one would believe me… so I’d probably have to go with the “I DONT REMEMBER ANYTHING, so maybe he raped me? WHO KNOWS?” and then we’ll see him quit his yapping. Although from my foggy recollections it is equally possible that I raped him. (I googled “porn” to find an image. Surprisingly poor results. Had to google “hardcore porn” to get anything suitable to represent the video I had attached. Still pretty tame in general, although I did see some things I would rather unsee.)

  1. I am constantly amazed and impressed by the trouble you seem to get yourself into. You should publish this blog on Amazon as an eBook and then just sit back and watch the Euro’s roll in.

    Who would you want to portray you in the movie version? (Is there a female equivalent of Charlie Sheen?)

    • Hahaha thanks, I wish! then I could retire and decidate myself to hair removal and exfoliation… Unfortunately there is no female Charlie Sheen, although we could just put a wig on him? I’m very unimpressed with Hollywood, way to portray women in 2 dimensions! There’s no one I can think of right now. But this will haunt me all day :)

      • Yeah, there is no ONE person who could play you. We need someone with the looks of Scarlett Johansson, the funny of Tina Fey and the “potty mouth” of Lisa Lampanelli…

        Oooh, What about Sarah Silverman?

        • Haha thanks… well I don’t look anything like Scarlett Johansson. If I was older I’d say Catherine Tate even though I don’t look like her, but she is just awesome so I don’t care. It couldn’t be Sarah Silverman, she’s all petite looking… It’s hard to think of someone. Emma Stone perhaps, if I had to pick just one pre-existing person and keep nearer my age.

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