Hi Friend!

Thanks for stopping by. I am eating a mango right now so I will keep this short so I don’t get the keyboard too sticky.

This is my diary and it is largely NSFW. You got a problem with crudely drawn penii randomly invading your face space, this is probably not the place for you. If you are new here then in the sidebar, labelled appropriately, you will find a short list of what might be my better posts you can use as a jumping off point, although it is totally subjective and maybe you disagree, if so, I would like any negative feedback in the form of a compliment sandwich such as you are so very interesting although your blogs are far too long but you have awesome legs.


27 responses to “Hi Friend!

  1. I am hearing crickets coming from your blog these days Ms. Leroux. *chirp chirp* I hope to get more crazy stories from you soon! Happy holidays and all that jazz!
    xox Val

    • I’m just back from a week holidays… but I was so bad, I’m too ashamed and depressed to write yet. I will soon. I don’t know if I can handle the retelling of my stories, it was all just too bad. I am an incorrigible woman. I will write soon anyway when I recover. happy holidays… ho ho ho (that would be me) xx

  2. I’d say “it can’t be that bad” but I have a feeling you would say “yes it can”. So I send a virtual hug and tell you that regardless of how bad it is you are still a beautiful woman!
    I look forward to your writings when they do appear. :) <3

      • Yeah I know my terrible sluttitudes make for good blogging, but the shame is still too strong with this one. I am gonna bust back into your faces soon I swear, I’m just waiting for a jumping off point where I feel like typing. And some free time. I am working pretty flat out with the sales right now. Check y’all v soon anyway. xx

        • groovy man. ;)
          I hope to hear about your holidays back home too!
          I still feel bloated and full from all the food and I think my liver just gave a fairly large whimper at me just now from all the booze. Still, as we speak I am sipping on a rather potent gin and tonic and it’s realllllly good.
          I just can’t help myself.

    • Aaaah! Yay I thought I had lost a subscriber! It was just me messing around drunk on wordpress trying to untangle a mistake I made drunk on wordpress. Bad idea by the way. I think we’re back to normal now. :)

  3. Hello. I just wanted to let you know that http://www.kimberliah.com has moved on to a self-hosted website. What does this mean for you? Possibly nothing, if you were tired of my blog, but didn’t have the heart to un-follow. You’re officially off the hook! However, if you were still pro-kimberliah please take a moment and visit my site and re-follow. I’ll be your friend for life. I promise! It’ll only take a few second of your time and it will make me smile…. and possibly shed a tear. Happy blogging!

    • I’m still in Ireland… doing some serious studying to become an English teacher. It’s hard work I say but I love it! So I’ll be making cricket sounds for a few more weeks and then I’ll be going to France and THEN the blogging will recommence! :) hugs back at ya!

    • yo girlfriend! I’m doing good. Well, up and down and all over the place as usual. But I’m pretty happy in myself. I’m still living in France, working as a waitress in a cock-tai-el- bar… and thinking of maybe staying for the summer and then moving on to England or somewhere else. I haven’t written in AGES! I want to but I just don’t want to rattle off news, I’d like to write something good and I’m just not inspired. Anyway hope you’re good! I’m also considering Canada along with the UK but it would take a lot more savings so it’s not as likely… peace n love n ting! Abby

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