its aliiive

all right all right im still here im not too busy or popular to write my blog…. not yet anyway… i jut dont have the internet… im workin on it… this is being wittwn with great discomfort and slowdom on my kindle… i have two wonderfully shame filled entries ready to roll out as soon as i can get some motherfuckin internet hooked up… its not that m nerd powers fail me its just i have no proof of address and the cunts are acting the cunts and haters be hatin… theres some  terrible gossip ready to be unleashed so… be back soon. in the meantime why dont you ponder your mortalty or work out the funniest anagram oof your name… that always helps me pass the time. lots of platonic love to you all except of cours to the paedos who ended up here by mistake as usual… abby


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