I’m gonna sleep on the title I think


I have a terrible fucking cold so I drank some hot whiskey, what, well, so the bottle is an optimist’s half full, but I started gettimg introspective as fuck and…

Well I had this dream a few times.


So in my dream I wake up in this place, it’s like a pure perfect island except it’s not an island, it’s a beach in a bay with sea on one side and a crescent of cliffs too high to climb on the other side. The beach side is amazing and all there is is ocean and there are no boats capable of going tooo far out there.

And the cliff side is a bit of a shadow but (I can’t remember which side the sun sets and rises on) the sun rises on the good side so it barely casts any shadow.

It’s beautfful, perfect, and then I meet the people there and they live on these house on stilts, kind of simple houses and they eat fresh fish and  sea vegetables like cucumbers but some of them are sweet and taste like figs. And some of them are like pickles cause they come from the sea.

And then I meet the people there and they are sweet and generous and peaceful.

And immediately I start sleeping with most of them.

But it’s fine, it’s cool, they aren’t jealous of each other….

But I start feeling guilty about it. One of them is really sweet and chubby and we roll around the shore playing like puppies but not having sex. And they are all so innocent and I love them like crazy.

I came there with some other friends somehow, like doing a quantum leap or some shit. And I love it there, but some of my friends are taking advantage of the simple nature of the native people. And it bothers me and I try to avoid the people I came with and just chill with the natives. But the things I hate about the people I came with, are things I can see myself doing too…

Anyway this is almost completely irreleevatn to my being in France, I just had this dream a lot of times and enjoyed it immensely apart from the bits of guilt so it resurfaced now I am sick-drunk.

Damn it I want to fall in love again…. I want to meet soomeone awesome who thinks I’m awesome too.

I don’t even care if they are good looking they just have to be a wonderful person and great in the sack. That’s all I ask.

Fuck I’ really drunk. I did my homework drunk and realised halfway through it I wasn’t dong the right homework at all.

But I did some homework possibly from a preivios day. Actually Im really drunk now I should probaby not be wrting


Seriously, I started considering… actually this was last week… bno it’s irrielavent.

Ooooooh I should sleep now.

Anyway maybe I told you this already…. maybe?

But today I was in school and we were talking about something about colds, and I was like, there’s a saying in Ireland… actually no, I just made it up… but anyway, there’s a saying I made up

“Most people cough when they drink whiskey, Irish people drink whiskey when they have a cough”

I paused so the clarity of my phrase could sink in and the awe and evrything but really I’m dealing with a lot of foreigners here so it wasn’t as great as I expected, there wasn’t any applause or any shit like that.

I am deeply drunk now thanks to my Irish cough cure and coughing a lot because when I drink whiskey I smoke more even if i have a coagh so…..

OhHH! But what was the other thing?

Sorry… can’t remember. That’s enough now I’ll go to sleep I think.


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