sometimes you eat the bar!

There’s a low, then there’s a high!


Goddammit it’s tiring being a woman.

BUT AWESOME! Fuck yeah! Endorphins, whence, I know not! But endorphins!


Actually they are probably endorphins from the fact that I have three appartments to go see, and one of them is just with one guy which may not be ideal BUT he says I can stay for just one month if I want, so it’s kind of a sure thing and I don’t have to stay long if I don’t like it. Which is awesome. Anyway he’s 35 and French and wants to improve his English and I don’t know if he’s good looking yet but that would obviously swing it in his favour.

Already I’m imagining sharing a flat with a really hot older guy who’s all sexy and stuff, and super impressed with my cooking and he has a flat screen tv and a job and he’s probably really ugly, isn’t he?

I’m going to send his address to my friend before I go to meet him, just to help the police in the murder investigation if its necessary. Damn I wish I knew if he was good looking. I know good looking people also do murders but most murderers are not good looking so it’s kind of a safeguard. Unless he’s a REAL psychopath.

But he’s probably just a boring run of the mill pedestrian non-murderer. And probably really unattractive.


We’ll see.

Today I also have another apartment to go see, also might be a murderer or muderers but we live in hope.

Man I really don’t want to get murdered…


I’m all optimistic today. I’m making savoury pancakes with spinach in the batter, yummy!

And I am not going to drink a single drop of wine tonight, although it is tuesday night which is ladies night and it’s buy one wine get one free, but I don’t think I’ll go to that and anyway even if I do, it’s like, that’s social drinking which is fine.

So. I just wanted to let you know fortuna has spun her wheel of crazy upwards today so I am not all sad and mopey today.

Unless I get murdered.


Peace, yo.

Ps. I will let you know later if I am not murdered in case you are worried about me. (That’s so sweet, by the way)


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