Obligatory new year post, featuring resolution: Give BDSM a chance and my top five men of the past month, And other stories.

I’ve been quiet here, sorry. I’ve been very very out there in my life, however.

Christmas was an endurance test of the most ridiculous and hedonistic proportions. It started some time in November, maybe, when I moved into Dublin city, it started at a rate of three big nights out a week and steadily upped the tempo til mid December was just a barrage of inseparable nights and days drinking and sleeping with people and laughing and making new friends and drinking and waddling home with smelly armpits and heating up frozen meals and maybe washing and definitely changing clothes and RIGHT BACK OUT THERE INTO THE CARNAGE

All came to a head New Years eve where I uncharacteristically took a mystery drug offered me which turned out to be 2ci, and I went a bit weird and groped a guy’s thigh and he said (maybe influenced by the same drug)

“Sorry, I just find all of your friends more attractive than you”

despite the fact that I was wearing the shit out of a velvet skin tight  long sleeved and legged catsuit and my face was barely registering signs of liver abuse.

I went and sat in a room on my own for a while trying to send dirty messages to someone I met online (see point 5) but found my condition didn’t work with predictive text, I kept writing messages and ending them with “so he can” completely nonsensically. “I’m alone so he can.” “I wish you were here so he can”. etc.

I was later found by friends sitting alone in the room kneading my own arms and muttering “their bodies are so warm” and was put to bed where I slept through most of the party.

New year, new you, no more mystery drugs.

Not the first time I said that?

Well. But that’s not the thing.

The thing is… I’ve been enjoying the single life. I get too bogged down in individual menfolk, to the point that I get obsessive. So I’ve been casually seeing a few, and boy does that suit me. No obsession, I don’t even feel compelled to write back to them several times before getting an answer. Progress, progress!

I have a few men I like on the go.

One I fucked wonderfully a few months ago, he’s been away but has kept in touch intermittently and is keen to meet when he’s back soon. BUT he seems like the sort of guy who’s decent, and serious, and you don’t just mess around with. A total boyfriend type, and I’m not sure he’d be able to fit in with my friends, he’s not a drinker at all and that’s an awful criterion for a match but it’s true, I would hate to have to see friends and family all separate from whoever I was with. Actually no, that would be IDEAL. But he’d judge my drinking even if I cut it down to like 20%. Also, he’s a medical student and I DO NOT NEED THAT in my life. I’d be waking him up at 4am being like “honey, please, I know you said it’s not cancer but seriously is it cancer?”

Two, I’m actually sick of him now. Just use him like a short metal implement good for scratching an itch, that doesn’t quite get there. Phasing him out, although there was a relapse new year’s day when he gave me a lift home from the party I woke up in and I had the low self esteem of the weirdly rejected for a thigh grope, and I was wearing a velvet catsuit and I required some kind of validation of my rockin bod. (He gave me the validation but the sex was beyond awful and then he fell asleep which I didn’t like, in my bed! I had to get up and turn the lights on and  pretend to be looking for something noisily so he’d finally leave…)

Three, a guy I meant to tell you about ages ago because it was quite a good story. But now I have too many fresher good stories. Suffice it to say, met online, we had great sex and good conversation but it’s a feelings-free zone for both of us. But I’ll keep in touch with him, he’s a good guy. And the sex. But mostly just, he’s not the sort of person I’d usually ever meet, businessman and obsessed with getting rich, unfortunately not rich yet, but just… an easy going and different perspective.

Four…. Not from the internet, for a fucking change! Met at a party, took a little bit of a pill, got all loved up and gazed into each others’ eyes for hours talking about everything. Found we got along very well, plenty of similar interests. Unfortunately the pills made us more forthcoming and taboo-less than usual and we found ourselves discussing how we are both chronic cheaters and would be interested in open relationships. Which I didn’t really mean, because I only ever cheat from boredom or out of spite. And I’m WAY too jealous to do an open relationship, really. I think. Yes. But we had a great night, eventually great sex, and when he tried to make a second sex date I took a great leap from my usual silly position and said, BRING ME FOR A STEAK. Actually I said lobster dinner but we made a compromise. He took me for a lovely, lovely meal where we didn’t have any pills but still grinned at each other like teenagers for hours. Great easy conversation, smiling, smiling, lovely food, lovely sex… and he’s a fairly successful writer and other things. Damn. Intimidating. So I’m totally intimidated and totally into seeing him again, but there’s that silly prelude of us talking about cheating, and although yes I’ve done it and know I wouldn’t ALWAYS cheat, he said he does, always, absolutely. So that’s a bit of a red flag. But you know I’ll probably ignore it completely. Also he does seem quite keen, but he recently broke up with a woman who he says was great but he just couldn’t keep hurting her. Urgh… Yeah. Bode well, it does not. But he’s hot, and he got me steak, and he talks about books and he fucking writes. I’ll risk it probably.

FIVE… another internet one. this time, we haven’t met. It’s odd. He wrote to me a few months ago saying he’d be over in Ireland for a few days, did I want to meet. I said probably not, I’m busy. At the time I was seeing two men and felt that was enough. I’ve since stretched my….stomach? to the point that I would quite gladly add another to the mix, just to up my chances of winning. He wrote me a few times over the weeks, months, and every time I wasn’t too keen, I said maybe, maybe, he looked quite gentlemanly but dirty, tall and cocky, like the sort of person who’d fuck you proper but not get attached. But then I’d get attached. My kryptonite. But I was so damn busy, the party season kicked into full gear, I was so drunk all the time and so hung over in between, and then I didn’t have the money (read: it was being spent on alcohol) to pay for a professional wax, so I didn’t want to show up for a sex date with a guy who clearly knows how to dress and likes the finer things sporting DIY wax job and three day session face.

So I replied to him a bit but I was obviously giving him a good interesting challenge. Not a solid no, but not interested.

Eventually one night there was some sexting. I was drunk, I wrote back to a filthy message, and we got into a full on night of sexting. And surprisingly for me, the next day I didn’t recoil or lose interest. He actually spoke to my fantasies. He was filthy in a way I am, but never really let to the surface for anyone. He tried to coax me out to meet him. I was busy! I just met guy number four, I was going to a good party, I didn’t want to bring a guy over to my single bed and cold apartment. Then we had another night of intense sexy texting and I thought, fuck, I DO want to meet him. Desperately! We must meet. And then I got my poxy period. And no way was I going to meet him with that, because I was really keen on him going down on me as he promised, for ages.

So he came and went, and as he left we got into a very intense and constant discussion of fantasies and fetishes and fuck, it was like the floodgates opened. Normally I have a high sex drive. Since talking to him in the last… five days? Maybe? I’ve been constantly humming with the need to fornicate. I’m light headed with it. Giddy, distracted. We’ve stayed up chatting for hours. We’ve had phone sex, cum incredibly hard, discussed really out there things and somehow landed in this weird we’ve never met, sort of…. dominant and submissive relationship.

I’m kind of reeling from it. I’ve never considered myself in any way submissive, except for one time years ago when a friend and I got into some jokey game where I had to call him master and he called me his pet, and I sat at his feet and obeyed him, but it was silly, a game, and the only reason I remember it is because I remember being really excited by it and thinking if only I could let him know I wanted to do that for real, without having to ASK.

But with this guy… he’s confident. Authoritative. His voice enthralls me. It’s so steady, it commands respect. I’m weak with him… But I’m not a submissive person. I’m not! I’m an outgoing, loud, vulgar woman! I’m dominant, obviously.

And then I found this blog post that described Alpha female submissives…. and it was all about me.


I’m not saying I AM a submissive, fuck I haven’t tried any of this stuff for real and I have always tended to cringe when it comes to templates for relationships… why the whips and chains? Why not a bit of fucking subtlety? Why pvc? WHY PVC?

BUT.. in the article which I can’t find now, it’s bookmarked on my phone, I’ll add it later..

I read about myself, my past relationships, why a strong supposedly great woman can’t find a fucking man who suits her.

Because I’m a strong woman, men think I’ll be a dominant one in the bedroom. When really I just want a really strong man to hold me down, be rough with me, and maybe not exactly punish me or do any cliché stuff like in that recent book I won’t dignify by naming, but definitely make me feel smaller, weaker, less in control.

I’m in control of my own life. Hence why it’s in such disarray… but yes, I make every decision. No one influences me really. I have to make every bloody decision about everything. I don’t want that, but I’m not just about to give up my power for anyone.

It would, I believe, take a very special man to make me cede the remote. But if I meet that man, then cede it I will. Because I don’t want the control. I never did. I’ve been independent in some ways since I was a child, headstrong and unwilling to accept authority…. unless I respected the person. I never had a problem with authority, just with the wrong people having it.

Now, I don’t know where I’m going with this.

I haven’t met this guy, we’ve just talked. And there’s a lot going on. The sexual thing is clearly very strong. But there’s something else here, something that excites me far more. The idea of exploring this, well, we’ve already started exploring some parts. And it wasn’t like he said “I want you to submit to me”. Fuck, most of it was my idea.

He lives in England, but said he’ll come back soon. We’ll meet. We’ll see what it’s actually like. I kind of hope nothing happens because I have college to go to next year and I NEED to make something of my life, and the last thing I need is to fall madly in love with someone in another country. Again. I can clearly not be trusted to make the right choices.

And yes, it’s premature saying that, but you don’t know… it’s been so intense lately. Just talking to someone. I’ve never felt this excited about a stranger, I’ve never felt so keen to please someone while so free from the pathos that has always come with my being overly nice and eager with regular vanilla type boyfriends.

So I’m finally getting to the point….

New years resolution

Give BDSM a chance.

if this is the right thing for me…. well, it wouldn’t surprise me. At all. The submissive alpha thing I read makes a shit ton of sense to me. I felt like smacking myself in the forehead and not just because I’m also slightly masochistic. It was like DUH!

Of course your relationships with “nice guys” don’t work, because they don’t treat you roughly in private.

Of course the dominant guys don’t go for you, because you seem like you’d dominate them in private.

And it made all my relationships look like jigsaw puzzles for toddlers. Four corner pieces. How could I not see this before?

Even if my new internet dominant ends up being an evolutionary dead end in my sex life, he will at least have flung up all these things that must be some use to me in my quest to find a good man who doesn’t bore me to tears. Like maybe I could just stop being so damn overbearing all the time and maybe let men I meet realise I’m not actually an ogre in the sack or kitchen. Just the bathroom.

Anyway. I haven’t written anything in ages… I’m tired (drunk also)

I have another NY resolution, it’s to write a motherfucking book.

I have decided to take the pressure off so I am not planning on writing a good book just A BOOk. I think that’s a good plan. Anyway it’s going to be an erotic novel, because that’s a pretty shitty medium, so again no pressure.

But I’m into the first chapter (sorta) and I’m finding it very hard because I keep having to masturbate because it’s really turning me on. I take that to mean I’m writing a very good erotic novel. I’ll keep you posted.

On both the novel and the masturbation, probably.



last night, weird footnote with my supposed new dominant. He was being pushy, asking for a video, saying he’d send one in return. I wasn’t comfortable so I said look, I just don’t think it’s right you remaining a complete stranger while I totally submit to you. I think it’s more important to establish trust first, than keep mystery. What do you think?

No reply. He’s been online all night and all day and no answer.

At first I felt crushed, like I’ve pissed him off with my disobedience. Why did I have to do that?

and then I realised I’m being pathetic, not submissive, and he’s being pushy, not dominant. I may not be cut out for the world of BDSM but maybe I am, maybe to some extent. And from my little bits of research on the subject, I think this guy is a bit too domineering and not quite enough into making me feel comfortble.

So. Don’t feel shit about letting him down any more, think he might be a bit of a dick really, just like all the men I go crazy over.

But now I’m in this position where I desperately want to push my limits, try something new that scares me a little, be dominated… and I’ve no one to do it with. I have zero intention of showing up to some latex and dyed black hair meeting and finding some new guy purely to be dominated by. I liked how this kind of happened organically, although he was pushy from the start, which I liked. Now I have my other guys left, well, realistically I have guy 1 and 4, but guy 1 is too romantic and guy 4 doesn’t have as high a sex drive as I’d like and is a self proclaimed incorrigible cheater.

If my sexuality is a scab, I shouldn’t have started picking it. But then who can resist picking at something?

Or maybe it’s a door that I should have left closed. But you can reclose doors, can’t you?

Yeah, it’s probably a scab.

Or floodgates! I’m not sure what they are but I’d say they are harder to close than doors.

Stupid metaphors.


I got a new coat and I talk about it now

I fucking broke my kindle, did I tell you that?

No. I broke it after… after me and fabio hooked up the first time I think, I was so ha’ppy and jubilant aboutfinding my mojo all over again that I just laughed in the face of my usual careful putting it back in its sleeve I made it out of a hardback book I had that was kinda shit and a bit of a leather jacket that really idn’ suit me. I think I feel like I talked to you at laength about this before?

It is possible.


becuase I told them my Kindle got broke and they were like, um have you been near liquids?

and I was like WHAT ME? No fucking way, I hate liquids, ask anyone.

I would never do that.

In fact some of my friends say I am afraid of water. My husband used to joke that I am afriad of soap. He’s a funny guy, you know that typical Chilean sense of humour you’ve heard of? Yeah, exacly.

So then Amazon was all “ok you get a new one we will send it to you now”

So that’s awesome. It took me two weeks to sort out the hassle of asking customer service about if I got a new one or not because I was afraid and I keep drinking in the evenings and not being happy enough to do a customer service thing.

Anyway so today I am pretty much drunk as a bag of snakes right now but I am HAPPY AS A PILE OF ASSORTED GENITALS, because I got a new coat.

My mommy got me a new coat, I picked it and bought it with my money and now she OWES ME that money back. and I love it.

It’s the kind of coat that just makes you think… all this previous behaviour and events have been pre-coat things. People were probablu reacting negatively to the lack of THIS AMAZING COAT and now things are gonna be different. I am more attractive in this coat. I look cleaner, like someone who bathes.

My coat is clean therefore no one can tell my previous coat has chocolate all over it which I don’t even understand and also maybe it isnt choclatle? I don’t knw, I wsn’t willing to lick it because of that time with the spider… ugh no time to link now I am typing. There was a spider, I thought it was chocolate… it wasn’t chocolate.


So I have a new coat and I am in love with coat. It is so beautiful now. I am in the first glorious coat honeymoon period, where I treat my coat a hell of a lot better than my stupid husband ever treated me on our motherfuckin honeymoon.

Aw I feel bad saying that, it’s my own fault, I had fun on my honeymoon apart from some of it. MAN IT IS WEIRD how happy I was then, if I woluld be like, hey you dumb broad, quit getting so much self worth from being able to navigate his dumb ass all over just because you so good at reading a fucking map no need to be the strong woman behind the strong man or whatever, and it’s sad too because I was such a tool being all useful to him.

UGH sorry I keep drinking these evenings it’s like I kinda want to smoke and drinking replaces that somehow, in the way that sometimes you just want to feel a littl emore poignant and like shit means something, even thoguh you apsolutely don’t believe any of it, but smethimes you come home from work and you are tiredand emotionally buckarooed and you want to feel like you would be in black and white for a while, in a film where poeple are on their own and don’t talk or are just near a train tracks, and it means something, you know?

So drinking is sort of that way… smoking was quite good for that but dirnking is aloso good but I think I was better at writing things as I smoked. Oh no I used my hands for smoking so technically I am just as shit as typing when drunk as whenchiansmoking but… where are we now?

I feel kind of black and white  but mostly  think the poignancy or bullshit as I aslo call it sometimes depending on my mood, is mostly supplied by the moving playlist I am listening to and the swamploads of human debris, not like limbs and shit, I mean like… just crud I accumulate near my sleeping/eating/sex/gaming/entertainment area and it is the sort of debris a scenographer, if that is the correct nomenclature for this job, would have a hard time setting up in a convincing manner. People would be like there is no need for that many toilet rolls in the room, in fact who poot those there? I dont have a cold, I don’t go toilet in my bedroom, it’s the only thing I leave the room for really… why so many toilet rollls all over? And then pizza boxes… and so many pairs of boots I didnt even know I had that many pairs, I thought 3 but apparently I have more pairs. And plates and cups and bottles of wine, all empty. It is poignant as hell, I think, just need to figure out a kind of theme or something to make the scene about.

I think loneliness or something but probably that’s too obvious so maybe now.

I am probably just tired.

OH MY GOD did I tell you I got a new coat?

It’s the shizz, but only if the shizz is hwat I think it is and that’s a good thing.

It’s so fucking sophisticated, I look like a serious person in it. I am so happy with new coat, I didn’t even put keys in the pockets today in case I wreck th e lining.

Oh fuck I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Ok I am going to cut this short and have some water or somthing this is unpleasant.

Good night

Ugh gross.

OK IM back I didn’t throw up it was a false alarm,

instead I drew this for you.

It’s not great, it’s deifinitely not my best work and I know it just realyl shows how egotistical I am that I have seen so many dicks and not paid much attention to any of them, but it is a first attempt in ages, or at least since I started my one woman backlash against all the stupid giving and poking and throwing of shit on facebook and sent everyone herpes that I made myself using the facebook gift creator which I dont know why more people didn’t abuse, and that had a picture of a dick I drew, but it didn’t cactch on anyway which is ironic, because it was herpes. Maybe I saiw somdething about hairy dicks but this one is smooth, probably it has been shaved, you never come across men who wax their penii. But fair enough men are rarely as bristly as I am so that is ok.

3 Little bits of advice on relationships from a slightly jaded young soon to be ex wife

Yo peeps, I’m about to lay down some serious advice nuggets for y’all. The fact that you are even reading this makes me think, it’s probably not for you… right now. If I had someone to bang, you could probably switch off my modem and I wouldn’t even notice. No that’s a huge overexaggeration, don’t ever switch off my modem. You don’t want to be the phone company guy when I got that nasty call about not paying my bills. TAKE AWAY MY INTERNET? You may as well cut off my FACE. Or better yet, do neither. I paid my bill anyway so I win that round.Ok without further ado, here are my latest thought-morsels for those of you lucky enough to have some piece of ass currently tollerating your halitosis and night farts.

1. Pretend to not be something you are, but don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

Hide your real personality, by all means bury that nasty psychotic mess deep as you can. Don’t let a new romantic interest see that you’re really as fucked up as they are. You’d run a mile, too (if you weren’t so damned lazy… but don’t tell them about that either)

But don’t fake something that isn’t there. You don’t want some shiny new person you’re attracted to to know you like to act out rape scenarios. That shit will seem less weird once you get to know each other. It’ll probably be cool, once you leave it til it doesn’t seem like you just roll out the fucked up carpet for every one night stand. Maybe. But you shouldn’t lie about shit like, say, loving anal. Or being into threesomes. Because whatever you say you like now, is going to stick. There’s no backing out of that shit later. You can add flaws to the nice polished image you constructed when you first met, but damn it you can’t take away anything positive. That just doesn’t go down well.

2. Pay close attention to their life story now, because they’ll never be this honest with you again.

When you first meet someone, it’s all about selling yourself as a well-rounded person of the world. You become tempted to give a back story, to talk about best times and worst times, and you don’t edit your past partners out of your anecdotes because you don’t have to. The person you’re talking to doesn’t give a crap yet, and probably isn’t really paying attention to the details. If you’re a ridiculous drunken flirt, you’ll probably end up giving juicy glimpses of your sexual history. You might compare “weirdest places you’ve fucked” or tales of heartbreak, depending on how drunk you are. Pay attention now. They’ll tell you all about that big important ex you will forever be jealous and suspicious of once you get together seriously, and there will be no way of pumping your lover for information. The vault is open right now, now that neither of you really give a crap about each other. Take notes. Remember names. These names and events will be very useful to you later when you want to fly into a rage because they met up with this person and you KNOW there’s something there but have only a vague recollection of some drunken conversation you shared ages ago and the details elude you because you were just waiting for your turn to talk about yourself, you egomaniacal jerk.

2. part B.

Don’t share so much. Just cause you’re a jerk, doesn’t mean they aren’t collecting dirt on you and your past. Don’t give out names of people you still have chemistry with, you’ll never be able to cheat with them without suspicion. Well, that is if your future partner is paying attention, which they probably aren’t, because let’s face it, you like an arrogant dick, don’t you?

3. Don’t get married.

Just don’t. Unless YOU will get a green card out of it, or you have kids with this person, there is NOT a good enough reason to tie yourself legaly to someone.

Because you’re in love? Puh leaze. Love is as bad a state for signing contracts as drunkeness, or drug intoxication, but after it subsides you can’t go get the papers ripped up because you weren’t in a fit mental state. Love is more powerfull and more crazy-making than alcohol, by a long shot, but in the eyes of the law, it’s the perfect time to sign over your entire life. Have fun, kids. But don’t put a ring on it. And don’t ever think you’ll be the exception to the rule, because you’re not, and if you are, why the fuck do you need to get married anyway? And if you have a friend who wants to get married and you think it’s stupid, TELL THEM. Find a good way to tell them, but don’t be a pussy. If you can’t tell your friend when they’re making a massive mistake with their life without them hating you for it, you’re not friends. And  you don’t want to be friends with this moron anyway, trust me I was married (still am, technically) and I became BORING. True story. I had to break up with the guy to go back to my natural state of awesomeness. Right now I have no fucking friends and no social life and I am still 5000% more interesting and fun to be with than when I was married and had nights out with our group of friends and someone to talk to in the evenings. The only person  I would ever marry again is my self, if I met myself and we hit it off (I don’t know if I’d like me, really) and if my other me was a man with a nice cock. I’d marry that in a heartbeat. Oh I would be so into myself. Imagine, me with a dick… I would never need to leave the house again.